Dental Consultations

Our goal at this dental office is to provide the very best dental care for our patients so that each of you may achieve optimal oral health and an ideal smile throughout your lifetime. To accomplish that goal, we offer a full range of family dental services:

Infection control is a term used to describe the procedures we do every day to keep our patients safe. Everything we use with our patients is either disposable or sterilized. We utilize ultrasonic cleaners and M9 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer to keep our instruments sterilized. They are tested every month to ensure that they are properly sterilizing our instruments. Special bags with a sterilization color strip show us the instruments have effectively been sterilized. We use non-latex, disposable products wherever possible. Every patient is given safety glasses for each procedure. SAFETY is the number one concern at our dental office.

Services Overview

19 years of practicing dentistry provides you with much needed wisdom and experience.

Since our primary goal is a long lasting, comfortable relationship, every effort is made to provide emergency care on the same day the need arises. We screen for oral cancer at every examination appointment.

Contact us for at home bleaching, cosmetic dentistry, comfortable root canals and all prosthetic treatment. We also provide denture repairs. Lastly, we provide non-surgical gum treatment.

Regular checkups or recall patient care is most often provided by our Hygienist and dental assistants. Prophylaxis (polishing), x-rays, and scaling are example of this type of dental care. The staff members providing these types of dental care treatments are knowledgeable and highly qualified professionals. The majority of our patients visit our office at least twice a year to receive regular checkups.

Although the doctor believes it is her responsiblility to strive to become proficient in all areas of dentistry, she prefers to avoid inconveniencing patients by referring them to a specialist,when not necessary. When she believes it is in the patient's best interest, the doctor will refer a patient out to a dental specialist for treatment of specific problems.

Patient Services

We also have a team of dental specialists who we call upon as needed. We are here to serve you.