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Welcome To Connie Morris Dental Office in South San Francisco!

We place our emphasis on prevention. We believe that the best dental treatment is as little treatment as possible.

Connie Morris Dental Office is dedicated to family dental care. We do everything possible to make visits comfortable, and we complete treatments efficiently and quickly.

We are a unique dental office located in South San Francisco, California designed to give you personalized service. We provide private treatment rooms and see one patient at a time without the usual back and forth running around seen in most dental offices. Our goal is to improve your dental health in the most stress-free environment possible. We strive for top-quality work and stand behind our services. "Patient-friendly" dentistry relieves anxieties and provides peace of mind to those who may have a fear of dentistry. It is comprehensive, high-quality dentistry that affords optimum oral health. A lot of different factors reflect what is charged for a service and these can vary from procedure to procedure. All fees should reflect the level of Time, Care, Skill, and Judgment, that it takes to perform them the best that they can be done.

Patient Services

Fee For Service Dentistry

  • Services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.
  • To determine eligibility bring your dental insurance card
  • The Dental Clinic is not "in-network" with any plan

Fee for service dentistry enables you to choose the dentist you want for your treatment, rather than be restricted to those dentists who have agreed to accept the insurer's fee schedule in an insurance plan or predetermined network. The key to any relationship is trust. This is also true of relationships between a patient and their dentist. If you develop a level of trust with someone, you will trust them to charge you fairly for what they do. That is not only true of dentistry but of every service that you receive in daily life. I feel that I am not charging for a dental appliance, but the level of service it takes to correctly restore someone to optimum dental health.


What Our Patients Say About Us

    Connie Morris DDS. is the finest dentist that I've ever visited!  Minor discomfort.  I've had root canals, bridges and many fillings since 2003.  She is patient centered and always mindful to make sure her patients don't experience high levels of pain.  She's referred me to excellent colleagues who specialize in gum problems and oral surgery.  THANK YOU DR. MORRIS!  SB.

    Shannon B.

    Five stars are not enough for Dr. Morris and the staff.  They are the best!!!  I have always dreaded dental appts, after some BAD experiences with other dentists.  But not anymore, I have been going to her for about 5 years now.   She tells you everything she is doing as she is doing it as well as reasons why.  She is professional, friendly and most importantly caring.  I have since moved out of the area but refuse to go to any other dentist, to me it is worth the drive from Petaluma to South City.  She was recommended from family and I continue to recommend her to family and friends.

    Sandy S.

    Dr. Morris has been my dentist for years and she is fantastic! She is very informative, patient, painless, friendly and a perfectionist. I have never had any problems with Dr. Morris and highly recommend her to everyone. I have had several root canals by Dr. Morris and they have all been pretty painless. They are root canals! All of the staff are also very friendly and accommodating. I think she is one of the best dentist's around! I will NEVER go to another dentist.

    Jack W.

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